Thomas Dreux

French interior architect and designer.
I help you to materialise your projects in space. I will propose some creative and technical skills to create the best answer for your project.


+33 6 24 65 36 51

Interstice urbain

Urban intervention in an empty urban gap. Work with modeling and photoshoot on site. The intervention takes place on a traffic island, a careless immobile space paradoxically to the circulation around. An urban lack isolated from the city activity.

A skatepark is implanted to bring movement dynamic, inspired by skateboarding videos. Deformed units like fish-eye vision and gas-stain-colors-like materials create an off-the-wall space, an urban bubble with a filter on it. This space keep the link with the outside context thanks to transparent-colored pannels, so people can see skateboarders through this real filter and vice-versa.

Bachelor design d’espace at
Bellecour école
April 2018