Thomas Dreux

French interior architect and designer.
I help you to materialise your projects in space. I will propose some creative and technical skills to create the best answer for your project.


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Sound Exploration

This installation proposes a space inviting the user to explore sound. In the center of the felt panels is a pedestal on which a control console is placed. Thanks to speakers placed at the four corners of the space, a frequency is diffused continuously. This sound constant can be changed using the MIDI control panel connected to a computer and connected to tools that allow you to alter different aspects of the frequency.
The user can therefore modify and play with these tools at will to create new sounds. This idea of sound exploration is driven by the desire to offer a tool that encourages progressive discovery, by trial and error, the user then plunges into a path without knowing the precise destination in an interactive sound experience.
The walls isolate the user phonically and visually. However, the half-open box allows a dialogue between the installation and its context, which also influences the acoustics of the experience.

School project for MA space & comm
La Head - Genève

December 2020